Quality Policy

Our Mission

Travel isn’t only our passion, it’s our profession! We consistently strive to ensure our team remains highly qualified and experienced so that we can continue to provide you even more interesting opportunities to see the world.  We personally travel to each of the destinations we offer to you, our valued client.

Highly researched, our trips are meant to provide you the best possible experience in every country. We focus not only on the most important places everyone should see, but also provide travelers the opportunity to find hidden treasures off the beaten path. In doing so, we afford you the opportunity to meet the people and culture, which make these places unique. After all, isn’t that how we best get to know the world?

While we continue to explore the world ourselves to bring you additional destinations of interest we understand that time is of the essence and the world is endless. If your desired destination isn’t currently listed, we’re open to suggestions!


Quality Policy

With several years of experience in the tourism industry, we feel comfortable in guaranteeing you the highest level of service possible. As travelers ourselves, we know the importance of a properly planned vacation and therefore, we do our utmost to make the best use of your time and to meet your individual needs. We research every detail before departure so that you don’t have to worry.  A plan isn’t everything though and that’s why we only work with the best to ensure that you feel like you’re traveling with a group of your closest friends rather than just another agency. While providing world class service we endeavor to provide you with an unforgettable memory to cherish for years to come.

We’re flexible and value the opinion of our clients, which is paramount in creating an optimal travel plan to meet all needs and expectations. After each trip, we additionally look for feedback to determine how we can better serve you, improve our current offers, and continue succeeding.


We Only Work With the Best

We only work with experienced guides and residents, which we personally evaluate in the field. While important, knowledge of the destination is only one several critical criteria. Our team must also be lively and passionate about what they do in order to provide you with the best experience possible.

By maintaining many relationships in each country we travel to, we’re able to actively compare quality among service providers and guarantee that each detail has been carefully weighed and verified by local experts.

Years of professional and personal experience afford us the possibility to share with you the previously unknown, undiscovered, and hidden tastes of each destination while making the best use of your valued time and taking into consideration your needs.


Why You Should Trust Us

Above all else, Globzon is a team of seasoned travelers with a wealth of experience. After several years in the tourism industry, we’ve had the opportunity to perfect trip planning and develop strong relationships with trusted travel partners around the world. Working closely with our travel partners in each destination ensures that we offer you only the best.

Travel is our passion and to effectively share that passion with others, we’ve worked hard to gain experience in all areas of travel from traveling ourselves, to working as guides, to running our own agency. Since being registered on April 4, 2011, by Joanna Biernacka, Globzon has been in continuous operation. Initially beginning with trips East, we’ve expanded our offer of destinations to increasingly further reaches of the globe. The world is big and beautiful, why limit ourselves to only one part of that beauty?



As a professional travel agency, we’ve taken the proper steps to certify ourselves and ensure your safe travels:

  • Entry Z/12/2012 in the registry of Touristic Organizers and Contract Travel Intermediaries maintained by the Marshal of the Malopolskie Voivodeship.
  • Insurance Guarantee for Travel Agencies provided by AXA (Entry 02.075.652)
  • Member of the Polish Tourism Board.