About us

We aren’t the typical travel agency

At Globzon, we’re motivated by a burning desire to explore, encounter, and experience rooted in our love of travel. We aren’t just travel agents, but also seasoned travelers ready to help you create your own unforgettable adventures. With several years of experience traveling and organizing trips, we’ve created lifetime memories for hundreds of travelers.





We guarantee the time of your life

Everyone says that, right? Imagine this—rather than lying on a crowded beach, you embark upon a journey, which takes you through the imposing Caucasus mountains, a desert, lakes, and glaciers to reach destinations the average tourist has only ever dreamt of. Instead of just another evening in the hotel bar, you can have dinner with a Georgian, experience a breathtaking sunset with a Turk, or Salsa dance with a Cuban until the sun rises. Even in popular tourist destinations, we can show you the hidden gems the typical tourist misses out on.




Our people are why we succeed

What we offer is more than tours, interesting places, and beautiful sights. Our team is what differentiates us from the competition. We are made up of only the most passionate travelers from Poland and every corner of the world. With us, you have the chance to take a trip you’ll never want to forget with a Georgian Rambo, a multilingual Bakili, an energetic Cuban, or a humorous Mexican.





We have a clear vision

We want to show people that Western and Southern Europe aren’t the only places worth exploring. We are the alternative to the traditional agency offering the same trip from decades past. We want our clients to experience each country with all of their senses. Adventures should reach beyond the walls of a hotel and the beaches of a resort.